Clock in and out by phone or computer - online time clock

Clock in and out anywhere

Employees clock in and out through an

online time clock

, or by using their phone. Authorize only certain computers or phone numbers.
Track absences and accruals - web time clock

Track absences & accruals

Track sick days, holidays, vacations, etc. Set up automatic accrual of paid time off (PTO), or manage employee balances manually.
Calculate payroll and job costing - online timesheet

Calculate payroll & job costs

Calculate regular hours, overtime, PTO hours, etc. Get a breakdown of your

online timesheet

- time spent on projects, tasks, jobs, and clients.
We tried several

online time clock

services but ended up choosing Clockspot because we felt it was the most well thought out of the

online timesheet

solutions. We emailed support and had our account set up within 30 minutes.
Leah LeeNeocare of Central GeorgiaCustomer since 2007
Very, very slick application! Clockspot blows other

web time clock

services out of the water in terms of functionality, ease of use, and cost. It wasn't a hard choice to go with Clockspot once we did the research.
Ugo EzeamuzieGenius Content, LLCCustomer since 2007

Case study: The City of Birmingham

Large city governments like the City of Birmingham depend on Clockspot every day. Mayor William Bell and his staff discuss how they use Clockspot to track labor costs at large city-wide events.
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Assign tasks for your employees. Export reports summarizing how long they took.

Tasks - employee time tracking


Communicating through Clockspot reduces time wasted on personal email.

Mail - web based employee time clock

File sharing

Easily share files between employees. Access them anytime, anywhere.

File sharing - web timesheet


Manage employee schedules using our visual drag and drop interface.

Instant messaging - online timeclock
I have tried several

online timesheet

systems, and Clockspot is by far the easiest to use. I love the fact that I can quickly tell which of my employees are clocked in, and the emailed shift reports at the end of the day keep me informed about what they've been working on. Overall, it's been a huge timesaver for me, and its ease of use would make me recommend it to absolutely anyone.
Julie JoyceLink Fish MediaCustomer since 2008