Phone time clock - Track your employee time remotely

Clockspot's time tracking service allows employees to clock in and out of work from any job site through a telephone or the web. Employees call Clockspot's toll free number from any cell phone or land line to clock in. Managers can then check their employee's times online in real time.

Clockspot is perfect for businesses with employees who go out to remote job sites, such as cleaning services or home healthcare businesses. Our service is relied on by thousands of businesses large and small.
Clock in or out by phone Clock in & out by phone
Track by job code Track by job, client or project
Leave messages Leave messages for employees
Employee voice report Employee voice reports
Authentication by voice Authentication by voice

How it works in 4 easy steps

1. Call Clockspot at 866-721-1085

Employees can call our toll-free number from any cell phone or land line. They will be prompted to enter a user ID and password. Here is an audio sample of a typical clock in, including voice authentication:

  1. Is this available in Canada?

    Yes! We cover all of Canada and the U.S.

  2. How does voice authentication work?

    Voice authentication is an option you can enable in your settings. It requires the employee to say their name before clocking in or out. Once they clock in, you'll see an audio icon to the left of the clock in/out time on the timesheet when you log in as a manager. Click this icon at any time to listen to their voice recording.

2. Enter your user ID and password.

When you create an employee account, it is automatically assigned a user ID. To check an employee's user ID, log in as a manager and go to the Users tab. Hover over any employee name to see their user ID. You will also need to give employees a numeric password, so something like "1137" would work, but "bob1137" would not.

  1. How do I assign a numeric password?

    Employees use the same password for web clocking as phone clocking, so when you are creating your employee account you would just assign them a numeric password like "1337". You can always edit an employee's password by going to the Users tab, clicking on the user you want to edit, then scrolling towards the middle of the page where you see the section to "Update password".

  2. Can we pick the user ID assigned to an employee?

    Clockspot automatically assigns a user ID when an employee is created, so you will not be able to pick your own user ID. To check an employee's ID, go to the Users tab and hover over any employee name.

  3. I forgot my password. Can I retrieve it?

    Managers can always check or reset an employee's password by going to the Users tab, clicking on the user they want to edit, then scrolling towards the middle of the page where you see the section to "Update password". Click on "Show password" to see the current password.

3. Press 1 to clock in or out.

Once logged in, employees will have several menu choices, which you'll be able to enable or disable in your Settings. Here is an audio sample:

1) Clock in/out
2) Record a voice report
3) Start task
4) Complete task
5) Check messages
6) Input mileage
8) Enter a job code
  1. How do I leave employees a message?

    Log in as a manager and go to Messages -> "Compose Message". Here you'll be able to leave a message for an employee just like email. When an employee checks messages on their phone, a computerized voice will read the message out to them.

  2. How do I enter a job code?

    You first have to enable job codes in your settings. Once enabled, go to Timesheet -> Job codes, and add a job code. Make sure to input something numeric as the job code, like "4314". Now once an employee is clocked in, they'll be able to press 8 to register the job code with their clock time.

  3. What does input mileage do?

    If you compensate employees for distance they've traveled, you can allow them to input a mileage amount. These amounts will then get totalled in your timesheet reports.

4. Check employee timesheets online.

You may now check your employee's times online. Go to your dedicated login URL and log in as a manager. You will see their clock time, and any voice authentication or voice reports they have recorded.

  1. Nothing happens when I click the audio file. How do I listen to it?

    This usually means you don't have an audio player installed on your browser. We recommend downloading Quicktime by Apple.

Now try it out yourself! We recommend that you try our demo account at Try clocking in as Bill Gates. To recap, call 866-721-1085, enter Bill's user ID "7#" and password "12345#", then press "1" to clock in. Now log in as the manager "Jason" to check Bill's time.

This program is an absolute lifesaver! I send my workers out to different job sites and this fits perfectly. I'm telling every entrepreneur I know about Clockspot! Stress level down to zero! Thanks Clockspot!
MaRhonda NewmanCleaning Resource System, Inc.Customer since 2009
Okay only 3 days into this and all I can say is...WOW, this is nice! I have 25 employees that all work in different locations. Clocking them in and out meant my phone was ringing non-stop day and night. I transferred voice mail call ins to log sheets and there were always problems. Now I am sitting at my desk watching who is punched in & out and thinking how easy this is. I have labor cost totals at my fingertips! The employees like it and it just makes our business feel more professional. If you have a lot of employees scattered around, this system will save you from going crazy.
Philip NortonAlpha Cleaning Corporation of IllinoisCustomer since 2010
Finally an employee time clock system that really works, that’s easy to use, convenient, and gets all the information you need fast and from one location! I have used job clock and on-site time clocks for many years and have always had to drive several miles to get the information I need to process payroll. These systems only work if you have 1 or 2 employees that are close to the office, or you will be driving all day. Clockspot works for 1 to thousands of employees, and it's as easy for 1 to however many employees you have. Don’t waste any more time...get Clockspot and your life will be yours again.
Anthony VizlSWPPP Compliance SolutionsCustomer since 2009